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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Painful love

When I see love
I walk by it
When I know it's love
I make an excuse
When I hear love
I ignore it
To cover my cries
I laugh loudly

Love, is my love that bad?
Love gives happiness
But here I am crying
Why me, why am hurting so much?
I'd give everything I have away 
If this love was permitted

When love hurts me
I continue to live
Wiping my tears doesn't ease the pain

Precious things always seem to leave
So i've kept my feelings hidden
Your love is rooted within me

The addiction to your love gets deeper
I live for this painful love

p/s::lgu ni lgu korea..tatau tjuk ni sub dye r...lgu ni kwn aq kt mtrik yg bg..huuu...mcm thu2 jep..haha...Ini hnyalah sbuah lgu k...xde kaitan smaada yg idup or yg da xde..okeyh??...bye2...


Hafiz said...

haha...ade kaitan tu....tepat masa dia.... :p

Asheed said...

best x lgu dye??