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Saturday, December 25, 2010

26 December 2010...Shinee's 1st concert!!!

SHINee 1st Solo Concert at Japan!!! 
waaa...msti rmai yg trtunggu2 kn...huhu...
tp,, Jonghyun xdpt perform some of their song...
due to his injury...
tp trainee dr SM ENT akn ganti Jonghyun nyanyi nnti...
tp Jonghyun ckp their hoobae are Chinese n very talented n dye akn amik alih tmpt Jonghyun smpai Jonghyun ok..
Di bwh adalh msg from Jonghyun pd 24/12/10
 Hello~ I am SHINee's Bling Bling Jonghyun!!
SHINee's first ever individual concert that you have all been waiting for will be held soon~
The Japan show is on 26th Dec, Sunday~ The Korea shows will be on 1st and 2nd January!!
Everyone must be anticipating right? ^^
Hurry raise your hand if you are coming!
The members and I are still rehearsing for our concert, spending days feeling as if we are on the edge of our seat every moment.
Actually this concert is something that each of the members have dreamt about since debut.
So we are especially more nervous and also looking forward to it~~~
But there is something to be regretful about,
Because of my injured ankle, there will be some performances during the concert that I will not be able to participate in.
Even though it's not very realistic, but because of this concert, I really wanted to go on stage despite my injury.
Everyone has been worried about me because of this... ^^
But! I am still very healthy! ㅋㅋ
As compared to performing on stage, I will be focusing more on singing for this concert.
Even though I really wanted to present a perfect stage to everyone... Really sorry about this...
I hope everyone can understand...ㅠㅠ
But I will still greet everyone with charismatic song performances~
Also, when I am singing, there are some songs where the dance segments
Will be undertaken by a trainee from our company..
This hoobae is a Chinese and his skills are really good so everyone need not worry~^^
He will be taking my place until my leg recovers,
Helping us out for the dance performances during the Japan and Korea concerts
Everyone please support him~~~
I of course will still be performing on stage
So please do not worry!! ㅎㅎㅎ
Then, let's end this here for our charismatic concert..
Let us meet at the concert venue itself ~~~❤

That's all from me...
~Stay cute and stay cute~

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