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Monday, January 31, 2011


::Boy:ABC. Girl:Ha? Boy:Always be careful! Girl:And? Boy:DEFG. Don't ever forget girl! Girl:Are you? Boy:HI. Happy Inlove. Girl:So? Boy:JKLM. Just keep loving me. Girl:So, how about NOPQRSTUVWXYZ?? Boy:(thinks) No other person quite reasonable shall treat u very well except me, you'll zee! ♥::

|that little voice in your head that talks when you type..|

guy: i don't like you wearing that dress.
girl: ok.
guy: you'll wear a very very long dress next time, understand?
girl: (am i a nun?) ok fine.
guy: with a veil.
girl: (angry)
guy: wearing this ring.
girl: (speechless) XDv

~Smile... it's the best thing to do with your lips~

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