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Friday, February 8, 2013


Miscommunication can happened..
either in verbal or non-verbal communication..
verbal communication is interaction between people that use words, either written or spoken like talking with each other and the message can be received by the receiver.
while, non-verbal communication is usually understood as the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless cues between people such as body language, body posture, and eye contact.

My interpersonal skill teacher's have said that non-verbal communication is the most important rather than verbal communication..WHY?? it is because we need to express our expression like angry, happy and etc. for the word that we use to delivered the message successfully to the receiver. 

But it is only can be happen when we talk to each other. we can reduce the risk of being miscommunicate with others by doing the non-verbal communication. BUT when we write something to someone, maybe it will lead to miscommunication right?? because there are no non-verbal comm and when we write something 'ikut sedap je', we didn't realize that we have hurt others feeling and guess what? this lead to miscommunication between us..the recipient couldn't understand or they understand the message in a different way..

Some people have some different speaking style or their way of speak. Some has happy-go-lucky style, some has manner in speaking, some has a little bit arrogant while speaking..but this is only our first impression right? sometimes, this is only their style of speaking but not reflected to their attitude. sometimes they couldn't convey the message in the way they want and will misunderstood by readers.

 its already happened to me..i feel so guilty and embarrassed..huwaaaa...sorry to you..i'm so sorry..even though we didn't know each other, but i still feel ashamed..because it's my fault that deliver the message without proper writing..

InsyaAllah..i will improve my writing!! hwaiting! jyeahhh

~stay cool n stay cute~


perindu_خلافة said...

haha.. its ok dear,
there is no hurt feeling form my side, hopefully to both of us,
i mean it ^_^

lesson well learnt,

Ika Nuratikah said...

rizQzaini::hehe..hopefully =)

lesson well learnt, go on climbing~~

Anonymous said...

Go Ika Go!~~ Just be the way you are, however now you have to be careful since Gemmis are everywhere ^_^

~budak comel~

Ika Nuratikah said...

ciksakura:: yup2..Gemmies are everywhere..=))